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The klezmer band has a new CD.

Eisner's Klezmorim CD coverOur new CD, click the image for CD Baby.com

Led by Judith Eisner on violin, Eisner's Klezmorim has a big Old World sound of accordion, clarinet,and double bass. Added to this mix is the distinctly Eastern European sound of the Tsimbl, or Cymbolim, a Hungarian hammered dulcimer. Add a Ukrainian / Greek mandolin and the band with two fiddles and it creates a wild acoustic experience of an old world wedding.

Judith plays klezmer music with a number of fine musicians in the Minneapolis Area.

eisner's klezmorim dance band
eisner's klezmorim logo

Judith gave a presentation to the Minneapolis J.C.C. about learning her grandparent's language, yiddish. She played some lovely klezmer music with Stu Janis on tsimbl and Leo Bjorlie playing double bass. Watch the video here.